We are a clothing company rooted in sustainability, ethics and transparency.

Having established Lyfcycle® as a supplier of sustainable clothing to high street retailers and household brands, throughout our journey, we've encountered too many small brands that want to make clothing more sustainably but that don't fit into the mould of mass-scale manufacturing.

So, that's where Lyfcycle Customs™ comes in.  

We're working to offer individuals, start ups and small brands the means to create sustainably made clothing without the need to hold huge stocks or part with loads of cash.

It really is as simple as that. We've developed this from a belief that there has to be a better way. A better way for budding entrepreneurs to launch their own brands without damaging the planet and their bank accounts. So now it's over to you guys.

Lyfcycle HQ
Founders Gianni & Adriana
Lyfcycle Tote Bag


A sustainable future for fashion, accessible to all, without harm to people and planet

Sustainability is at our very core and everything that we create is made with the planet in mind. Every component we use in our garments has been carefully selected to reduce the impact of our production whilst delivering exceptional quality.

Sustainability isn't only about materials, but about people. Everything we do is ethically produced, promoting fair wages and good working conditions with fully accredited facilities. 

Check out our code of conduct to learn more about our operating practices