Transparent, Traceable, Responsible, Sustainable.


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Lyfcycle.

We are a UK-based, sustainable clothing manufacturer that's pioneering transparency and traceability in the fashion industry. 

With a combination of experience, innovation and sheer determination to give fashion a greener name, we are here for all of your eco-conscious clothing needs.

Every Lyfcycle Customs garment is made with the end of a product's life in mind, ensuring we consider every detail of a garment when sourcing sustainable alternatives to more traditional materials. 



When creating our clothes, we take into account their full Lyfcycle. The fabrics we use are essential to creating long-lasting and sustainable items. We carefully source them based on their energy usage, ethical responsibility, durability and possibility of being recycled.

The authenticity and responsibility of all our materials are certified by accreditations such as GRS, GOTS and BCI. We also ensure all products are Oeko-tex certified and we continuously work with our suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint. 

But, a garment is not just made up of fabric. We meticulously develop all trims and accessories to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. With this in mind, our labels and packaging are all made from recycled materials and FSC certified paper sources where applicable.



We're committed to preserving the planet but also the well being of people within our supply chains. We provide fair conditions and wages to all our employees. All Lyfcycle Customs products are manufactured under fair and safe working conditions that are free from discrimination.

All of our garments are produced in certified factories that meet our standards which are reflected in our Lyfcycle Code of Conduct. We've been fortunate to develop close relationships with all suppliers over the years and make regular visits to manage partnerships and expectations.